Seo onpage optimization

Onpage optimization

It is all about optimising your website online in certain elements to make our website relevant in search engine result page and to the google crawlers

Onpage optimization is done by checking certain factors listed below

Website design

Your design should be according to your business. Check if its responsive for all users.check its navigation and its loading speed.

User experience

What your user feel when visit your website. Bounce rate should be low make your content strong to make him stay on your website.and Google also check conversions made through it for ranking

Quality content

Do your content provide value to it it include the keywords. Is it over optimised for search engine(black hat seo).density of keywords used.

Seo elements of your page

Meta title
Meta tag
Meta description
Page speed
URL canonicalizationum
XML sitemap
Social media sharing
Internal and external link.
                  I know all beginners should be confused with these factors .jst comment below ur doughts .i will clear you.Am just doing this are here to study digital marketing you can’t study without any interactions.

Search Engine Optimization

            Search engine optimization is the key of digital marketing,only unpaid way for making your website rank in top of google page results.

           There are three types of doing search engine optimization

1 white hat seo

It is done by strictly following google webmaster guidelines .it is the suggested and best way of doing SEO
2 Grey hat SEO
It is done by overdoing the guidelines of google webmaster guidelines
3 Black hat SEO
It is completely against google webmaster guidelines. And will be banned within a short time when google finds out.

Seo is again divided based on the way of optimizing

1 Onpage optimization2 Offpage optimization

It will be teached in the next blog