Google Adwords – PPC part 1 up To Campaign level

Google Adwords(PPC) is the paid way of advertising in which advertisor will payon there keywords in order for their clickable ads to see in Googles search results

why you should use Adwords for advertising

  1. There are very good benefits in adwords so that you are having total control over budget you can stop any time.
  2. You are paying only forTargeted advertising.
  3. Your campaigns are always measurable.
  4. Pay only when your advertiser click on your Ads.
  5. The places you can advertise through Google adwords is vast like 
  • Search Network which is the first page you see ,when you type any thing on google.
  • Search Partners like Yahoo,Msn,CNN etc
  • Display Partners like Youtube,Gmail,Google+etc and Those Websites Joined Google Adsense alsoEarning

How to start with Google Adwords

First you leed to have a Gmail Account to sign into Adwords
Aftersign in first level is 
1 Account level
   In the account levelyou need to Fill up General settings and Billing Information
2 Campaign level
  In the campaign level you need to give 
  • Campaign name
  • Type of campaign you are running search network,search network with display,display networkonly,shopping,video,universal app campaign.athen always do select all features than standard.
  • Select network.where you can also include Google search partners.
  • Devices
  • Location where u can include and exclude location onceyou go through youcan easily do this.This is where we Target location to the show ads.
  • Language
  • Bid strategy is were you chose what kind of payment you are ready to give  for ads like cost per click,cost per impression,cost per acquisition.
  • Default bid price you are ready to pay for each ad results.
  • Budget to fill monthly budget you are planning to pay on adwords foradvertising.
  • Delivery method is the way of delivering ads.if you chosen standard it will move in a standard way.if chosen accelerated in this your ad will be shown in an accelerated way to show ads as fast on timing you given and finish money up.
  • Ad extensions here you can ad extensions you needed to show in your ads like location,call,sitelinks etc.
  • Advanced settings here you can do ad scheduling like you need to give date and timings when you want to show your Ads
  • Ad delivery Ad rotation Frequency capping you can fill it easily by moving cursor to ?.
  • Dynamic search ads give domain name and language.
  • Campaign url option where you can do Tracking for your ads.