Google Adwords – PPC part 1 up To Campaign level

Google Adwords(PPC) is the paid way of advertising in which advertisor will payon there keywords in order for their clickable ads to see in Googles search results

why you should use Adwords for advertising

  1. There are very good benefits in adwords so that you are having total control over budget you can stop any time.
  2. You are paying only forTargeted advertising.
  3. Your campaigns are always measurable.
  4. Pay only when your advertiser click on your Ads.
  5. The places you can advertise through Google adwords is vast like 
  • Search Network which is the first page you see ,when you type any thing on google.
  • Search Partners like Yahoo,Msn,CNN etc
  • Display Partners like Youtube,Gmail,Google+etc and Those Websites Joined Google Adsense alsoEarning

How to start with Google Adwords

First you leed to have a Gmail Account to sign into Adwords
Aftersign in first level is 
1 Account level
   In the account levelyou need to Fill up General settings and Billing Information
2 Campaign level
  In the campaign level you need to give 
  • Campaign name
  • Type of campaign you are running search network,search network with display,display networkonly,shopping,video,universal app campaign.athen always do select all features than standard.
  • Select network.where you can also include Google search partners.
  • Devices
  • Location where u can include and exclude location onceyou go through youcan easily do this.This is where we Target location to the show ads.
  • Language
  • Bid strategy is were you chose what kind of payment you are ready to give  for ads like cost per click,cost per impression,cost per acquisition.
  • Default bid price you are ready to pay for each ad results.
  • Budget to fill monthly budget you are planning to pay on adwords foradvertising.
  • Delivery method is the way of delivering ads.if you chosen standard it will move in a standard way.if chosen accelerated in this your ad will be shown in an accelerated way to show ads as fast on timing you given and finish money up.
  • Ad extensions here you can ad extensions you needed to show in your ads like location,call,sitelinks etc.
  • Advanced settings here you can do ad scheduling like you need to give date and timings when you want to show your Ads
  • Ad delivery Ad rotation Frequency capping you can fill it easily by moving cursor to ?.
  • Dynamic search ads give domain name and language.
  • Campaign url option where you can do Tracking for your ads.


How to create a blog on blogger
Log in to your gmail account
go to on new blog
new blog
create a new blog
Give title and url address for youur blog
select the theme you wanted for your blog
click on new post
Give post title and content
use all the features uneeded move the cursor to each feature you can understand what it is.give labels for blog .it is the keywords for finding your blog easily.u can add description all on the blog by clicking on each features
In this stepyou can share on google plus
Publish yourpost here
Here comes your first blog
Thank you for reading  


SITE AUDIT is the complete analysis of the website which will provide our whole website status

This is the first stage of work done by a Digital marketing professional when he take on the project There are different online tools to do site audit .
for eg:

Factors to consider during site audit

Meta Title tag

Meta Description tag



Alt attribute

Text/Html ratio

Internal links


Broken links

IP canonicalization

URL canonicalization


Language attribute

Page speed

Social media presence

go with analysis of any websites you need to look into with the tools given above you can find all details of the factors given above with description
Some other tools to follow while content writing is

Plagarism checker: 

To see your content already available on website,dont put content if it is seen as available in this tool

Article spinner:

 If you like  to  spin some article so that you need to provide something you liked in other website and you need to submit it on your online content.even after doing this also check content with plagarism checker.this tool is suggested for spinning but read your content and find in appropriate words and change.




OFFPAGE SEO is done by submitting your websites in other directories and providing back links

Directory submission

Directory submission is done by submitting your website totopquality directories like DMOZ,Yahoo,Zoominfo,Pegasus etc

Article submission 

Articlesubmissionisdoneby submitting your website to free article directories

Blog creation 

Create blogs in websites like wordpress and blogger and submit articles regarding your business and provede your website link there.also comment with your link on another blogs also.

Search Engine submission 

Submit your websites to search engines like Yahoo,Google,Msn etc

Social Media promotion 

Promote your website through socialmedia by creating page and providing back links.and also submit on comments eg Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn etc

Video creation and sharing 

Create videos and share informationthrough Youtube Vimeo etc

Link building

Different kinds of link building are their like one way link building,two way link building,and three way. i onlysuggest to do one way link building that is by providing backlinks from other quality websites and blog

Seo onpage optimization

Onpage optimization

It is all about optimising your website online in certain elements to make our website relevant in search engine result page and to the google crawlers

Onpage optimization is done by checking certain factors listed below

Website design

Your design should be according to your business. Check if its responsive for all users.check its navigation and its loading speed.

User experience

What your user feel when visit your website. Bounce rate should be low make your content strong to make him stay on your website.and Google also check conversions made through it for ranking

Quality content

Do your content provide value to it it include the keywords. Is it over optimised for search engine(black hat seo).density of keywords used.

Seo elements of your page

Meta title
Meta tag
Meta description
Page speed
URL canonicalizationum
XML sitemap
Social media sharing
Internal and external link.
                  I know all beginners should be confused with these factors .jst comment below ur doughts .i will clear you.Am just doing this are here to study digital marketing you can’t study without any interactions.

Search Engine Optimization

            Search engine optimization is the key of digital marketing,only unpaid way for making your website rank in top of google page results.

           There are three types of doing search engine optimization

1 white hat seo

It is done by strictly following google webmaster guidelines .it is the suggested and best way of doing SEO
2 Grey hat SEO
It is done by overdoing the guidelines of google webmaster guidelines
3 Black hat SEO
It is completely against google webmaster guidelines. And will be banned within a short time when google finds out.

Seo is again divided based on the way of optimizing

1 Onpage optimization2 Offpage optimization

It will be teached in the next blog

Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

   Digital Marketing is the way to make your business online. It is alo known as web marketing online marketing and internet is the best way to reach your ads  globally in a cost effective way compared to traditional marketing.It include paid and non paid ways .Digital marketing is the also best way to make money online.

There are many methods of digital marketinglisted below.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Paid Per Click (PPC)