Hi Friends, You people had taken a great step towards learning a new skill. you are people who take action to win. I am not exaggerating, Why because only 5% of the people will take action and do the next step.

A Civil Engineer Turned Out to be a Passionate Digital Marketer.

I was born in a small village called Parakkal in Wayanad, Kerala. Where I was brought up & did my schooling. My major part of life was spent in Kochi, Kerala where I did my college and my first job. I currently reside in Bangalore from the Past 6 years.

My Journey is a little interesting, unlike many other people. My career choice after school was just like 80% of Indians, Engineering! Obviously, My Parent’s choice! Because I wasn’t a brilliant Student in Academics, I always opted for the easiest among what is available and chose civil engineering.

After 4 years of college, just like any other engineering student, my first choice was to get a job in the relative field. Luckily, My first job was to handle a prestigious project. It was the first cruise passenger facilitation center of Kerala.

The job made me realize many things.

  • I’m a person who cannot work under certain barriers.
  • I want to work on a Creative industry rather than any other field.
  • I realized my managing power by handling hundreds of workers a day.

In the mid-2013’s, I heard about social media marketing through one of my friend who was running a Social Media agency after his MBA. To understand and to learn more about it, I started working with him as a salesperson to get projects.

In 2015, I started a brand for Digital Marketing Training& Services in Bangalore. Like some businessmen, I also made a mistake by choosing the wrong business partner and had to wind up my company in just 6 months.

But, I decided to not stop there. I decided to start a brand all by myself. In September 2016, I started sketchcareer which happened to be the best decision of my life. And my life was completely moving towards building Sketchcareer.

Now at Sketchcareer, You can get skilled practically in Digital Marketing, Photography, Graphic design, and video editing. Also, I handle Digital Marketing Projects.

This is a short description of me. My journey is going on through new learnings and upgrading to new trends…

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Posted by Nithanth Sasidharan on Friday, January 4, 2019